Entry 9

Day 8 – Caught a bass, maybe 15 inches long, about 2 pounds. I am thinking it will make a fine meal for some of the crew. We arrived in The Circle yesterday afternoon. It took my friends a few days to figure out the tricks of the place, but they got alive in the end – as I knew they would. They still do not trust me.

It is a delicate balance I must trend with them, or it will all fall apart yet again. They must not trust me, or they will feel betrayed when the truth is laid bare. They must trust me, though, or they will side with my other friend. They must not learn the truth of these events they are caught up in, or they will rebel against the entire situation. But they must eventually be shown the truth, or they will accept the throne without a second thought. It is a tempting bargain, I can not deny that. Were it not me caught in the web, I would congratulate the wizard on the craftiness of his Faustian pact he has designed.

It does not help that, before being caught, I had little interaction with mortals. My daughter, she would know what drove my friends, she would read them easily and tempt them down the path she wanted them to follow with Desire. My forte, as always, lies with the temptation of Power, and yet I am forced to tempt my friends away from power.

Mephistopheles was a much easier adversary.


Entry 9

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