Entry 8

At last, a mistake was made. I had assumed The Prince was attempting to keep my shells out of my grasp for the entire length of this round, forcing me to act through intermediaries. He could have accomplished it too, Midrath and then Dementlieu are both realms impossible to intrude into – they simply follow their course, immutable fixed points in the story. History.

This is not the course he has charted, however, and now the story has shifted to Mordentshire. Here is a land where I can wield Fate to its maximum potential. It is a mystery why he would allow this occur so early in our game. We have played matches where he delayed this inevitability for much longer. It is worth investigating, but at a later time.

The shells need more power before they can accomplish the tasks that will ultimately bring them before me. I set up several threats to the city that Stonehunter wants to use as the new location for his Library once his puzzle-box is completed. His minions sent the shells against these threats, strengthening themselves in the process. Now they will travel the land completing the puzzle-box, and set the stage for my pawns to be their first Harvest.

I also availed myself of a chance to sow some doubt towards the Prince in the shells – I captured their ally, the one called Verdun, and slew him while glamoured to appear as my enemy. If I can provoke combat between them, it will make convincing them to sit the throne all too easy when the time comes.


Entry 8

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