Entry 7

They landed in Dementlieu, possibly the worst option for any of my plans. D’Honaire’s control of his thralls is so absolute that any manipulation must go through him first. It is not a matter of him wishing to prevent anything, but the thralls will ignore everything else once given a command. After carrying out his orders, they often forget anything not part of their “auto-pilot” that D’Honairs leaves them in when not under his direct control. It makes influencing events difficult, but I have continued to observe, so that I might glean a hint to The Prince’s plans.

The Prince seems to have learned an ability to hedge me out somewhat. My pawns, while normally under my control, are able to act on their own when he is near them. It has allowed him to influence them, setting them to the task of collecting the pieces of that puzzle box Stonehunter gave the shells. I don’t know what he hopes to gain by this, but it seems largely irrelevant. Stonehunter is powerful, certainly – he is a Darklord, after all, but this quest to bring him out of Midrath and into the Core seems of little consequence. I will look into the possibilities to ensure my assessment is correct. If it is, it will prove a useful miscalculation that I will turn to my advantage. I have also found a new shell through various divinations of late. A drifter of some sort, he will be easy to manipulate – if The Prince would interfere with my pawns, I will do the same with his.

A final note, more a reminder to myself than anything else – The shells went to an insane asylum the other day. One of them died, which I assume will be quickly replaced, such is the whimsy of the Dread Realm, but they came incredibly close to killing one of my pawns. I can not allow them to die, as they will be the catalyst for sending the shells to their ultimate fate, and so I sent my minions to save him at the last moment. He is being stored in Lab 62, in stasis.


Entry 7

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