Entry 6

It has been some time since I put ink to paper, but the break from thinking about these events was necessary to regain the aloof ambivalence required to record these notes in a proper Voice, lest when I come back to read these I am reminded of my rage instead of the steps that lead to this failure. Orobeo was coaxed into attacking Midrath during the dinner party at the Library, and after some struggles, the shells fought their way to face him directly. However, there was a complication I had not foreseen – they had allies.

I thought I had done an appropriate job of isolating them, but I found out too late that was not the case, as those old members of the party that had been claimed by the Mist reappeared to help them in their struggle. It is an important reminder who the masters of the Dread Realm are, and the lengths they will go to in order to ensure the survival of those they don’t wish dead. Not that Orobeo would have ever succeeded, but the situation did appear dire enough that the Powers felt they needed to intervene. An unfortunate oversight.

The shells, after replacing some fallen comrades, have begun a journey to Orobeo’s lair, so all my plans remain intact, simply relocated. Once again, as before, I await their arrival in my lands so that this game between myself and The Prince can truly begin.


Entry 6

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