Entry 4

Keeping my personality out of these, obstensibly, neutral documents can be a challenge at times. I thought for sure the party would cause some kind of destruction with the airship they managed to liberate from Orobeo. Certainly, crashing it into Midrath would have caused a stirring of the Powers. But alas, they blindly charged off towards Orobeo’s base, and rammed their dirigible into the shielding spell I erected there.

But! Fate has not left me without some minor plays left to make. I can introduce certain people from these shell’s lives, twist them into hateful, deviant creatures by constructing alternate Histories for them. This, along with a person for the shells to willingly betray, will flesh out my first set of Sacrifices. These personal ties will make the act all the more potent, and show them the power they can wield by accepting my proposition.

They have crash landed in The Dead Swamp… the perfect place to call on the services of Clan Black…


Entry 4

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