Entry 3

Their base is destroyed, and the Party has fled into the Mists – into my space. It is not a full control, Jack’s influence still prevents some of my tricks, but they are out of Stonehunter’s reach, and out of his reach, and I will accept that as a victory.

It is an intriguing game he chooses to play this round – one of the shells asked for a way home, and he made this wish granting fortress actually spit something useful out. But if he intends to show them the cracks in the walls created by the Dark Gifts, I don’t understand how that will strength his case at the end of this game. The only way out for them is to refuse the Gift, not embrace it, and yet the Prince gives them a reason to do exactly what I want…

I must watch his moves closer, to gain understanding of his goal in this round of our eternal game, though I suspect it will do little to change the outcome; 37 times he has flipped this coin, and 37 times it has come up in favor of Fate, it will not change this time.


Entry 3

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