Entry 10

The shells are nearing the end of this intermittent journey for Stonehunter. It has been an interesting path they’ve tread across the Dread Realm – many things have gone differently, and studying the cause of these fluctuations will amuse me for a time once this round is decided. At the very least, I will have a distraction until the Prince is able to challenge me to a new round. The source of the changes is clearly my enemy, but how does he accomplish it? He has no control over Fate, and History can not be altered. It is unnerving, to some degree, and bears investigation. The immediate assumption that comes to mind is that he has managed to unshackle the shells, but that would imply he has a power that I am unwilling to admit exists.

The shells attacked one of my Proxies. I do not fully understand their motivations, but I must assume it is the form they have taken recently. The Prince seems to have locked them into this form the shells refer to as “The Red Death.” I know not where it comes from, but there are only two options – before they were taken by the Mist, or in Midrath, where I have no direct knowledge of the proceedings. Regardless, it is the same form they took when I sent them to rescue one of my pawns from the shells. Without the ability to change their appearance, it must have triggered some kind of fight-or-flight response from the shells when they recognized them from the asylum.

That attack was several months ago, and seems to have passed without incident from the Prince. The shells are now on their way to Hazlan, which I have arranged to be their final crucible. It is a risk to challenge them thus, but it is long past time that Stonehunter arrives and begins to erode their souls. It would be rather unfortunate if they were to die, I have put much effort into preparing them, but I have a feeling that the Dark Powers won’t allow it should it become too dangerous for them.


It seems my previous entry has been replaced with some kind of journal entry from the Prince. I do not understand how this has happened, but it does provide an interesting insight into his thoughts, so I will leave it intact and look into what has caused this replacement – perhaps it can be triggered again so that I might gain further knowledge of his plans.

Entry 10

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