Entry 11

And so a chapter closes, not with fanfare and celebration, but with the soft whimpering of an injured pet hiding in the corner for fear it will be put down if master finds it. It was a difficult task, and cost so many lives, but the gods will say the scales balance the deeds. My part, at the least, is finished, and for that I am glad. Washing my hands of this place is something I have looked forward to for countless years now.

The imprisoning of that young man, the tortures he was forced through… Well, I don’t think I’m quite ready to commit those details to the page yet. It feels too final to do so, somehow. Like once the ink dries on the page so too would the blood settle onto my hands, an indelible stain that could never be washed out. Regardless, he is free now to seek out the lie that we put in his head, forced him to accept as truth. I tell myself that it was the only way or he would be aware that the memories were false. It never stops the nightmares.

But it was all worth it for this outcome, I suppose. The 37th time, the last time, I will be forced to play this game. They always escaped before, leaking out into the world to become real horrors, instead of just dark terrors that tortured the misty fluff of the prison we constructed. But this time, I killed them all. All except Zaram, and his darkness is acceptable, for it can so easily be pointed at the Abyssal Hordes.


Entry 11

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