Red Death, The

You must not know!


Nearly immune to magic
Capable of mass possession
There might actually only be 1 of these guys


Current Involvement With the Party: None (?)

Originally encountered in Jack’s Prison, this group of assassins wear black cloaks and red plaster masks. Little is known about them and who exactly they work for is a complete mystery. What is known is that they were first encountered outside Glooney’s office as the party attempted to eavesdrop on something (I think?). They were then encountered just after the party offended Alonzo for the first time wherein they killed Negors’Vik.

The party now knows that Woolf is ‘safe’ according to the Red Death. The Red Death apparently is far more expansive than first thought. They have plans for Elijah’s ‘Mortal Coil’ and have since collected Gluney for their plans as well. Once Alonzo was informed of their plans and efforts he become more worried than the party may have ever seen him. He urged the party to do whatever they could to stay away from them and even hinder them where possible. He intimated that either the Red Death are the wardens of this dark realm or at the very least are on their side. They continue to be more than they appear to be.

Red Death, The

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