Catfolk scout


Shot on the run and travel devotion are her best friends
Favored enemies: Undead, Constructs, Arcane Casters

60ft move speed.
Good reflex, decent fort and will.


Koshka is a golden, er black furred female Catfolk from outside of Ravenloft. She stands just a few inches over 5’ and is generally not all that imposing of a creature and one would hesitate to call her anything but “slim” or “wiry.” She keeps to herself so little is known about her despite her time with the party. She is constantly on the move running ahead and behind the party when they move too slowly, which is always, and she very rarely sits still. She keeps a hodgepodge of small magic items with her in an attempt to be prepared for as many situations as possible including 3 different kinds of arrows and daggers. This had lead to the party labeling her a coward or swapping to Batman when her gadgets come in handy. Her skittishness however is perhaps rightly deserved as she has had many a close encounter with death, and has probably not seen her last.

Koshka has managed some good fortune however as she managed to find an old friend, Vurrie. This revelation, combined with a few more brushes with death have re-arranged Koshka’s priorities, it is no longer just about her. And she no longer has the time to spare, she must fine a way out, and quickly.

Koshka has also taken on many physical changes since first joining the party. While it first may have been easy to ignore there is no denying the shadow that follows her everywhere, even dimming torches and lanterns. This shadow has followed her now for so long it seems it has even seeped into her fur, rendering it jet black. She has also become more separated from the party, always striking out alone looking for “fresh food” and generally sneaking about. She is clearly changing and perhaps not for the better.


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