Tag: PC


  • Vento

    Vento is currently using the resurrected clone body of himself. He's thankfully still a Sorcerer. He's about 2/3 of the way through his furry conversion.

  • Koshka

    Koshka is a golden, er black furred female Catfolk from outside of Ravenloft. She stands just a few inches over 5' and is generally not all that imposing of a creature and one would hesitate to call her anything but "slim" or "wiry." She keeps to herself …

  • Zaram

    Used to work for Port-a-Lucine under the corrupt "Council of Brilliance," now he bums around with the party and does his best to keep us out of trouble. He's the face man. Has recently been possessed by the ghost of Vento, and now is infinitely less …

  • Boris

    Boris was the first mate of the _VIrago_ while the party traveled with it. When it was destroyed, Capt. Timothy and Boris were the only crew to survive, and he chose to travel with the party while his old captain attempted to salvage what he could from …

  • Caspar Freeshooter

    -Keith- Casper has been with the party a very short time, but has already proven himself useful in a fight against anything that lives and breathes. He has been tempted into the party by the promises of Jack Stonehunter, and now with most of the Puzzle …

  • Keiran McJin

    Dead Actually, turns out he was always dead, but now he's really dead. Once a cleric of Ezra, he was visited in a dream by a Great Tree which told him of a balance, between life, death and undeath. Keiran strove to maintain this balance after this …

  • Kyp Kvierson

    A long time member of the group, Kyp was an intelligent squirrel who was a rather capable rogue. Kyp left the group once he was assumed dead, but was really just far to ugly to look at properly. In his time apart from the group he managed to have been …

  • Negorsvik Shö

    Dead Negorsvik, or Vik, was an ancient kobold priest who excelled at healing. While his skill was exemplary, it was not enough to save him from the Red Death. He died from a single blow from a hidden assassin, unable to protect himself. The rest of his …

  • Ser Porter

    The Rock Man, Ser Porter was looking for his brother, until he smelt what was cooking. Then he had to run home and shut off the coffee pot, but never came back.

  • Z'erk

    Dead Z'erk was perhaps the most holy and hallowed creature one can hope to come across, always pushing the rest of the group towards the light. Half the time. The other half of the time Z'erk was Rahjak, the counterpoint of Z'erk. Rahjak was cruel, …

  • Toma

    This guy! I mean, what can really be said about Toma? I don't think there are any words I could possible use to describe him.

  • Khelgar

    He got angry, and took shits in inappropriate places - angry shits. Then he killed a robot, and it evacuated its bowls in a fiery angry shit all over his face. That was end of Khelgar the Corner-Shitter.

  • Obeah-bokor

    Oddly Aryan-looking witch doctor. Has a shadowy female companion he calls Mother. Talks about spirits a lot. Doesn't see much difference between life, death, and undeath.