Tag: Old Man Smell


  • Marquis Victor Roussel

    *Cause of Death:* AIRSHIP'D! Crippled regent in Midrath City, was sealed away behind a fake quarantine for unknown reasons. Presumed dead after Orobeo attacked the Library during a gathering of all the nobles in the city.

  • Lord Governor Jules Weathermay

    *Current Involvement with The Party:* None Governor of Mordent. Old and frail, stays at the Weathermay Estate and leaves much of the governing of his lands to his son-in-law, Daniel Foxgrove. Recently able to move back to the original Estate thanks …

  • Negorsvik Shö

    Dead Negorsvik, or Vik, was an ancient kobold priest who excelled at healing. While his skill was exemplary, it was not enough to save him from the Red Death. He died from a single blow from a hidden assassin, unable to protect himself. The rest of his …