Smooth cat operator


Cause of Death: Killed by Oberron

Vurrie’s specialty; dealing with others, and he is very good at it. He could convince a kobold to sell his last trap for practicaly a handshake, could convince a human to part with his hard earned gold for a pile of scraps. He could also raise the hair on the nape of the neck of any feline female he wished. His silver tounge was very useful and Koshka realized it. She would follow Vurrie into the towns and learn his ways, a skill that might be useful some day. She had learned a few things but was nowhere near the skills of Vurrie. Still, there was something very thrilling about these trips into town, though she couldn’t put her claw on.

Vurrie is an old friend of Koshka’s and an accomplished ranger in his own right. He currently abides in the the Koshka Bluffs and Koshka is attempting to convince him to leave and come back with her to the old world.


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