Sir Tristan Hiregaard


Cause of Death: Killed by his curse with the death of Malken

Tristan Hiregaard was the lord of the ruling house of Hiregaard and has now left the house to his son, Ivaar.

More importantly he was actually Malken in a Ravenloft version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This transformation happened without warning and could last for days. He received this curse when his mother cursed his father with her dying breath. Father Hiregaard murdered her after catching her in the arms of another man. The man was only teaching her to dance but that’s really rather irrelevant isn’t it? After 10 years of being cursed, where anyone he truly loved would die, he killed himself and passed the curse on to Tristan.

Hopefully this curse was removed before his death and this same curse will not pass to his son.

Sir Tristan Hiregaard

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