Sensei Nettie Donnellan Perryman III

The Mistress of Mangic


Current Involvement with the Party: Party turned her into Dark Lord

The leader of the Divinity of Man in Midrath. The party had very few dealings with her, outside of Vento insisting on calling her divine magic “Mangic”… all the time… to her face…

The last meeting with the party caused her to fight one of her promising students, Charley Hakedy. The Sensei had been teaching her students their art with a fatal flaw that she could exploit later at her convenience. The party decided to use this flaw by teaching Charley about it and how to counter it and then inflating his ego to the point that he challenged the Sensei. This resulted in exactly what the party wanted, when she attempted to exploit the flaw, Charley countered, infuriating the Sensei, who then killed him using her dark power. This caused the mist to swarm her and take her away.

Promising Students to exploit:
Savannah Thorpe
Zachariah Jarndyce III
Charley Hakedy

Abraham Shakespeare Jr

Sensei Nettie Donnellan Perryman III

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