Pave Stravroz Vatsisk


Current Involvement With the Party: None

Pave of the Church of the Lawgiver in the realm of Hazlin. Replaced Haakon Aramsen as the Pave only three years ago when the old Pave lost his fight with the mortal condition. Has recently been commanded by Pieter Jergaar to enforce the anti-arcane strictures of the faith, but has remained silent in the face of this command and continues to not take a stand against the Magocracy of Hazlin. Rules from the Iron Citadel-Fane in Toyalis.

Arranged with the party to drop support for Elijah if they could help him take over the church. As it turns out, completely unnecessary, as neither Pave’s liked what Pieter was doing with the Iron Faith.

Pave Stravroz Vatsisk

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