Malocchio Aderre


Current Involvement With the Party: None

An enemy of the Vistani, he was name-dropped by Gluney and Foxgrove when the PCs asked for a list of potential allies in the hunt for Puzzle Box pieces.

The Aderre Family has long contested with itself over the leadership of Invidia, the most recent incarnation of this feud arising between Malocchio and his mother. During the Grand Conjunction, Malocchio, long trapped with the boarders of Invidia by unknown forces, was able to walk free. He traveled to Borca and Richemulot, gathering swords to his side, and has only just recently returned to Invidia and seemingly intends to start a civil war with his mother. What will come of this, and if his imprisoned status has returned with his crossing back into Invidia in the first time in eight years, remain unseen.

Malocchio Aderre

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