Lord Jack Stonehunter


Current Involvement with The Party: Awaiting their completion of his Puzzle Box

The Librarian of Midrath, Jack has proven to be very powerful, both politically and in a fight. His goals remain a mystery, but he has sent his servant Lieutenant Colonel B. Coonan Gluney to the Core Domains in order to find adventurers to complete a mysterious Puzzle Box said to have the power to summon him out of Midrath and into the Core. He has promised limitless power and gifts to those who would help him – though stories of those who have actually encountered him distrust this assertion.

The real antagonist all along, Jack will eventually summon the book dragon to murder us all. Until then we can continue to pretend he’s our friend and that bringing him here will be good for us.

Filled with madness and hate. Not so secretly the BBEG.

Lord Jack Stonehunter

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