Lieutenant Colonel B. Coonan Gluney




Current Involvement with The Party: Helping Ouroboros stop them, will likely return

A loyal ally to Jack Stonehunter, was loaned to the party as part of the hunt for Orobeo. When that caused the party to be sucked into the Core Domains, he was apparently brought with them. Through superior diplomacy, he wove a net about the party, causing their rewards from the Mordentish government to be tied to helping bring Jack into the Core. When the box was lost to Cornwallis, he went with it to the business man’s side. Since it was recovered from Elijah, he has not been seen.

After the party had recovered the Puzzle Box and all its pieces, Gluney finally attempted to spring a trap and take the box for himself. This ended in disaster for him, as three of the twelve remaining elite guards from Cornwallis’ employ were killed, he was taken hostage by The Red Death, and the rest of the guards fled in terror.

His latest appearance showed him as much machine as man. Whatever the Red Death did with him was certainly not pleasant. He now claims to work directly for the time god Ouroboros whom he believes to be the employer of Jack. The party killed him and destroyed his body in the Library of Barovia, The Vault of the Quinn Roche.

Lieutenant Colonel B. Coonan Gluney

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