Current Involvement with the Party: Potential candidate for Jack’s experiments

What can’t be said about Kheldan? He was a man amoungst men, and he wanted to prove it by attaching cocks to everything. In the end, the party was too narrow minded for his genius, and so he had to leave.

As recently discovered by the party, Kheldan has not been idle since leaving the party. He showed up in Tempe Falls 6 months ago, where he was employed as a master stone-smith, carving statues and helping with the town’s general stone-craft. He produced one fantastic piece for the town, an intricate 10’ gem-encrusted fountain of colored stone made to look like a rose. During his stay in town, there was also a plague of murders in which the bodies were found to have mutilated genitals. The party secretly suspects Kheldan to be the culprit. He left 4 months later, after the mayor’s daughter became the final victim of the killer.

During several scyring attempts, the party discovered that Kheldan has gained abilities that allow him to obfuscate things, taking control of the party’s attempt to directly locate him and inviting them to his mountain lair. After making their way through his dick-themed madhouse, the now deranged dwarf invited the party to join him in his quest to put a penis in every pair of pantaloons. When they refused, he summoned the Mist, which cast everyone to different corners of the Dread Realm.


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