Elijah Caine Cornwallis

The fattest man alive


Cause of Death: Killed by the Party

Elijah was once a powerful man in Midrath City – Treasurer of the entire country. He charged outlandish fees and a heavy interest, but his Bank was known to be impenetrable, many would be thieves turned away before even making it past the front doors. That all changed when the party assaulted the building and made short work of all his guards, ruining his sterling reputation and leading to a quick plummet into the gutters, filth, and destitution at the bottom of society.

One time treasurer of Midrath, Corwallis has evidently decided that his brush with death at the hands of the party has entitled him to attempt to kill the party. While he has not been seen in some time, it can be assumed that he will appear again, likely with more lackeys to do his murdering for him.

Powers include Heart Attack, Stroke, and McNugget Storm.

Elijah Caine Cornwallis

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