Doctor Rudolph Van Richten

Crappy Van Helsing


Current Involvement with the Party: Point of a quest to find him in Darkon, in the Salt Marsh

Essentially Van Hellsing if he were really bad at his job but still managed not to die while doing it… except for now of course perhaps. He has survived many encounters with all manner of creatures and written guides to record what it is he learned from those failures so that perhaps other adventurers may not suffer the same fate.

The party actually went to Bleak House, his last known location, in order to ascertain his fate but after an encounter with the vampire “Strahd” and the long dead and hated Lord of Bleak House, they were less than excited to stick around to look harder. As yet, no confirmation on his death has been found.

The party then returned to Bleak House, cleaned it out and still found no evidence of his death. The party did find a few letters from him, willing the Heather House to the twins upon his death. However, he may not be dead even yet. He has been spotted in Darkon and the party is currently deliberating over whether or not they should go find him.

Doctor Rudolph Van Richten

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