Count Alonzo Fulton Simpson III

Discount Al, Annoying "friend" of the party


Current Involvement with The Party: Making their lives miserable

Alonzo is a Spaniard Duelist, former bannerman to Marquis Roussel, one time sellsword bodyguard to Elijah Cornwallis, and now The Most Annoying Man Alive. Hated by the party for his threats on their lives, feelings towards him range from attack-on-sight to completely untrustworthy. He continually shows up protesting their treatment of him, insisting that he is in fact their secret ally, and has occasionally referred vaguely to some grander scheme that the party remains woefully unaware even exists. A self-proclaimed staunch enemy of Jack Stonehunter.

Alonzo has now revealed a portion of his true form to the party. He is not a man really but a devil, horns and all. When the party met him at Elijah’s he decided to lock blades and ended up doing a fair amount of damage. At the end of the combat he was enveloped by the mists and taken away screaming “Not yet, I’m not ready!”

Since his defeat, Alonzo has returned from the Mist a changed man. His glamour has broken, at least such that the party now sees him for what he was all along – Baatezu, a devil of the Nine Hells. He has revealed more of his plots to the party than ever before, but still resists revealing the whole truth, claiming the party is not ready for such information. Negotiations with the party over this broke down, neither side getting what it wanted.

Count Alonzo Fulton Simpson III

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