Captain Nathan Timothy


Current Involvement with Party: None – Left behind in Vallaki to pick up the pieces of his former life after the destruction of his boat and death of his crew.

Captain Tim is a sometimes fixture of Mordentshire, providing much of the trade to and from the remarkably hard to reach city. He cares for the city very much, only doing business with those who are friends of the capital. Rumors occasionally float around town of something going on between him and Gennifer, though the details vary wildly in form and descriptiveness depending on who is telling the story.

The party has discovered that he, and potentially his whole crew, were werewolves. There was also some kind of protection afford the Virago as it passed harmlessly through the misty border of Barovia, though the source of that protection, and if it was unique to the ship or her captain, remain a mystery.

Captain Nathan Timothy

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