Adam P. Verdon

Sober Bartender


Current Involvement with the Party: Potential candidate for Jack’s experiements

Cause of death: Neck Piercing, Burning, Burning Again, Cannibalism Actually apparently alive

The one time airman, Verdon has been a recurring influence on the party and most often a helpful pain. He has delayed the party on several occasions, lead them to believe he was capable of things he was not and is nearly constantly drunk. However he has also helped the party enough to be considered a friend, which is rare to this world and especially rare to this party

Since his days as an airman for Midrath he has taken up roles as a tavern owner (The O’Verdon), an engineer of warforged bar-tending technology, and was once found flirting with an ornamental suit of armor.

Verdon is now in the city of New Midrath working at his old bar, The O’Verdon, and has no memory of any of the events that occurred in The Prison. He does however, have a limp in due to a bad leg that is the same one that Z decided to take a bite out of.

Adam P. Verdon

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