The country of Prast sits on the Peninsula of Bodhi, a sacred place for the church of Boccob, in the far west of Forlorn, ancient homeland of the Elves. On a clear day, the Tel’Cora Woods are visible to the north across Selpua Bay, and many say that it is the druids of that ancient race which cause the bay to overflow with fish during the Hunter’s Moon. The country is home to many of the world’s Bibliotheca Magicae, mages of all walks coming together in these colleges to create and discover the latest advances in magic. This country has been your home for some time now. But now, war has come to Prast.

Dean Leo Orobeo, a master of Oath Magic, has gathered those loyal to him and his ideals of discovery at any cost and magic for magic’s sake, and claimed dominion over his college, casting out or killing all those who would not swear loyalty. Now his disciples sally forth to bring his insight to the rest of the nation, and it is the combined strength of the armies of Forlorn which they must contend with before the message can spread any further.

Specialists from all walks that would defend their nation have been gathered to strike at the heart of this rebellion, and kill Dean Orobeo before his people can cause significant damage. As the team reaches his tower, it is obvious that this promised damage is not far away – a conflux of magic swirls about the old school, a nightmarish storm raging at the apex of the keep, a powerful ritual about to be completed as the sky seems to literally reach out towards the tower, ready to swallow it whole and deliver whatever it is that it bears unto the once peaceful lands of Prast. Whatever it is that brings you to this group, the people are counting on you to succeed in your endeavor and deliver them from the madness of the Dean of Pacts!

Tertius: Ravenloft Redux

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